Coming at you from a modeling Galaxy far, far away, is AFM's spectacular Star Wars special! That's right young Sky Walker, time to double-up on that lightsaber and prepare for all out Sci-fi action and unforgettable modeling adventures from the most iconic film series ever made in the Universe! Join us on a modeling quest to defeat the Evil Empire and free the Galaxy from the forces of darkness with the help of Bandai's all new series of 1/12th and 1/6th scale Star Wars figure kits as modeled and re-imagined by our very own Jedi Masters, Dave Prosser and Steve Riojas. Mark Myers pilots a bold jump into hyperspace with an all-hands-on build-up account of the ship that made "the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs," Bandai's 1/72nd Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon! Next, we'll have a whimsical look at Jabba the Hutt's throne room scene by Mike Wowczuk as well as Jim James' dressed up versions of Revell's 1/28th scale Han Solo's Speeder and the Imperial Stormtrooper Speeders kits. All this and a whole lot of the Star Wars universe awaits all skilled Rebel Resistance modelers willing to join AFM's epic Star Wars modeling Saga that's guaranteed to put space right in your face! Use the Force you will, with Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine issue #66!

John Allred
John unmasks Sideshow's 1:1-scale Prepaint!

Jim James
Jim shows that it's a snap to model the Star Wars Speeders!

Jerry Buchanan
Jerry shows you how he fabricated his own wearable Stormtrooper armor!

Mark Myers
Bandai's Millennium Falcon looks ready for hyperdrive once Mark does his Jedi magic!!

Thad Rhodes
Thad makes a splash with his multi-Trooper diorama!

Brian Ludden
X marks the spot with Brian and this amazing kit from Fine Molds!

Steve Riojas
Steve time travels to the Third Reich for modeling inspiration- ├╝ber amazing!

Lou Dalmaso
Lou makes sure The Empire gets plenty of fiber... fiber optics that is!

Dave Prosser
Dave recreates the iconic entrance of Lord Vader with astounding success!

Jim Bertges
Jim takes you for an in depth look at the actual props and models of Star Wars!

Mike Wowczuk
Jabba's throne room is recreated with a lighthearted slant thanks to vintage Monster Shop superdeforms!


Modelers, are you prepared to halt an evil onslaught by a never-ending horde of mindless, flesh-eating Zombies in an apocalyptic wasteland? Then gives us a "Hell ya!" and load up on the bullets and batteries cause it's gonna be a long night blastin' yer way through the twisted-limbed misery of an army of the walking dead! Whether you're into exposed entrails or decaying death, this issue is going to make your skin crawl all the way to Pittsburgh and back! Headlining our flesh ripping, vomit inducing issue is none other than The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero! That's right Slappy, KNB's middle man himself will spill his guts on all the disgusting details of how the KNB EFX Group became Horrordom's go-to-SPFX Studio, The Walking Dead TV series as well as his love of models, movies and a whole lot more. Rest assured, in the next issue of AFM #67, a foul stench will arise that could gag a maggot! So, hold your breath because while the plastic will be putrid, and the models may be moldy, our kit coverage will always be as fresh as a newly dead corpse rising from the grave!